Quick treatment of burns without scarring

Having a scald burn can happen at any time if you are careless. Although not life-threatening, it greatly affects aesthetics. This is the fastest way to handle burns without leaving a scar.

Burns are common with anyone who is careless, not paying attention. In addition, the cause of burns may also be due to the area of ​​the house being too tight, leading to problems with the exhaust when traveling outside.

Many cases of motorbike balls make the wound serious, infected and very long to return to normal.

Untimely treatment and proper care of burns will make your skin scarred and 'reign' on your feet for a lifetime. Therefore, if you know how to handle it immediately, the 'consequences' of burns are no longer scary. The following article will show how to give first aid and how to treat burns without scarring:

1. Emergency burns promptly cool down

When unfortunate burns occur, the immediate need is to soak the burn in cold water. This will help relieve the burn, while also making the burn not go deep into the body. Deep burns are long-lasting and definitely leave scars.

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Burns are common with anyone who is careless, not paying attention.

The burn should only be soaked in water for 15-20 minutes. Should not be too long will cause the flesh where the wound is necrotic. In hospitals, many cases of doctors have to scrap the necrotic area to bandage the wound.

2. Clean the burn

After cooling the burn, wash again with physiological saline (NaCL 0.9%) or 10% Providine solution (water containing iodine). Absolutely do not wash with old oxygen, red or medical alcohol because these solutions cause death of granulation tissue, leaving bad scars. If Iodine allergy is present or if a woman is pregnant or breast-feeding, there is no cure for the burn with Providine

3. Antibacterial

After cleaning the wound, if honey is available in the home, the victim can use this herb to apply it to the wound. Honey in addition to good antibacterial effect also helps wounds heal faster.

4. Bandage and care

For minor, shallow burns, people who suffer burns do not need to treat burns too many steps and complex. The wound will heal itself within 2 weeks and leave no scars. For more severe burns. Absolutely not break the bladder. When things have to go back, the burn will help prevent the burn from sticking to the gauze. When dressing only, it should be lightly bandaged, not too tight or tight because it can cause premature horns (wrinkled, dark scars).

How to treat burns of motor potty scars quickly and effectively

Burns caused by motorbikes cause serious aesthetic problems. Moreover, carotid burn scars are difficult to treat and require you to spend a lot of time and effort. Some schools with improper treatment or for too long scars will follow you for life.

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When burns, you need to find a way to get clean water to cool the wound.

From ancient times to present, according to the concept of folk art can make scarring and reduce bruises. However, in fact, this is the wrong thought, because the ingredient of turmeric contains vitamin E and some other substances, has the effect of stimulating small wounds to be damaged in the fast surface, completely not results for severe cases.

Besides, according to the National Institute of Burns, the rate of allergies due to fresh turmeric is quite high, making the scar dark and harder to overcome. So you should stop using technology immediately, but instead need to keep Scientific skin care routine and finding appropriate treatments.

One note is not to apply fresh turmeric or turmeric cream on burns to 'run out' , because according to the National Institute of Burns, the rate of allergy due to fresh turmeric is quite high , more and more people after When applying turmeric has been long-lasting blackness in the scar, it is difficult to overcome.

Currently there are new techniques and products that can completely or significantly overcome the deep scarring or patchy scars from motorbike burns, which is the use of products from stem cell technology in combination with Tyrosinaza inhibitors products applied to dark scars , if the scar is less than 3 months.

With scars that have been out for 3 months, the dermaroller technique needs to be used. Correct use of silicone gel adhesives is also effective.

Doctor Duc Kha (Aesthetic Specialist) said that when burns need to find a way to get clean water to cool the wound.

This job should be carried out quickly and urgently after being burned. By doing so, the wound will not eat deeply and will lessen the area.

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