Russia built two strange buildings, all floors turned

The uniqueness of each of these buildings is the electricity generated by generators, powered by wind mounted on the roof of the building, which will help the floors to rotate independently at different speeds.

Mirax Group, the Russian infrastructure development group, has bought American architect David Fisher's copyright to build two 60-storey buildings in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Petersburg.

Each floor of this building is built with a large prefabricated concrete slab assembly technology. These concrete blocks will be joined together on a central movable shaft. The central axis is the only part of the building built on site by conventional technology and technology.

The design for all floors of buildings more than 60 floors has been derived from architect David Fisher's idea when he went to see belly dance women.

Picture 1 of Russia built two strange buildings, all floors turned

Buildings of all floors are rotated (Photo:

When belly dancers dance, basically the whole body is still upright, only the abdomen is changed and always moving. The skyscraper is over 60 stories high in which each floor rotates at different speeds, making it feel like watching a belly dance girl.

Because the floors are continuously rotating, designers and builders have encountered many difficulties in solving the problem of supplying water, electricity, telephone, waste water, waste to the building. Each floor of each building can make shops, corporate offices, hotels. Each square meter has a construction price of US $ 14,000. Mirax Group Corporation invested in building each building of 400 million USD.

According to the plan, the construction of this special building starts in 2008 and will be completed in 2011 on Moscow's Ring Road 3.

David Fisher is an American architect, graduating from the 1963 Civil Engineering Architecture Department at Oklahoma State University, USA. Later in the 1970s, 1974, he received more certificates and degrees in architecture at the University of Colorado. Later, he founded the civil engineering and construction corporation Fisher Associates famous for designing airport terminal buildings, buildings, and consulting.

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