Saigon sunk in the 'dew' due to pollution

The last two days in Ho Chi Minh City were covered by fog until noon, but according to meteorological experts this is "dry blind" - due to air pollution.

Saigon sank in the mist because of the air pollution

Fog appears from two days in the early morning to noon in the area of ​​District 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 12 . On the Saigon River, the air layer is opaque and blind, covering the water surface. . The person standing on the shore could not see the boat moving.

Picture 1 of Saigon sunk in the 'dew' due to pollution
High-rise buildings that were submerged in "dry blind" from morning to 14h have not yet melted.(Photo: Huu Cong).

In the morning of October 6, dense fog in most districts in Ho Chi Minh City has limited visibility. High-rise buildings along the Saigon River area, Thu Thiem Bridge, Phu My Bridge, Pham Van Dong Street and Nguyen Van Linh . are all covered by white opaque fog, but not yet melted until 13:00.

"Standing at the fifth floor of the company in District 7, looking at District 1, the scene is blurry and looks like Da Lat. But I don't know if the fog affects my health anymore," said the female office worker, Thanh.

Picture 2 of Saigon sunk in the 'dew' due to pollution
At 14:00, Phu My Bridge connecting District 2 and District 7 is still submerged in "dry blind".(Photo: Huu Cong).

Talking to Reporter, Deputy Director of Southern Meteorological and Hydrological Station Dang Van Dung said that two days ago, not only HCMC but also some provinces in the South have blind phenomena . This condition occurs early in the morning when the humidity is 90% called blindness , after 8-9 am when the humidity falls below 75%, it is called dry blind.

"This dryness is caused by dust and dust that is suspended in the air layer near the ground. Meeting weak wind days, tiny dust particles that cannot diffuse should accumulate," Dung explained.

Picture 3 of Saigon sunk in the 'dew' due to pollution
From District 4, looking toward district 1, the tallest Bitexco building in HCM City is submerged in "dew".(Photo: Huu Cong).

According to Mr. Dung, because the Southwest wind is operating weak, this situation will last for a few days. In addition, the time of season allocation is September-November 11, dry blind will repeat many times.

"It will limit vision, can also affect health. Therefore, people when going to the street should wear masks. Especially children, weak resistance will be susceptible to road diseases. respiratory " , Mr. Dung recommended.

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Environmental Protection Agency, the situation of air pollution in the city is getting more complicated, 89% of the air testing samples do not meet the permitted standards, always at a high level of risk for human health. In particular, the amount of suspended dust generated from smoke and dust is the leading cause of serious pollution.

The cause is determined by the flow of vehicles, especially trucks that travel through the area up to tens of thousands of times per day and traffic congestion occurs more frequently.

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