Scientists explain why you should exercise before breakfast

Exercise is recommended for everyone, especially those who are overweight or obese, to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

But not everyone has the time to practice as much as they want, so how to enhance the health benefits from exercise is very important.

According to ScienceAlert , a recent study has really found a way to get there, and what you need to do is simply estimate the appropriate time . This means that you don't need to exercise much if there are other jobs, like family or company work, that force you to spend a lot of time dealing with them.

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The fact that we eat after exercise can be very important for our ability to respond to insulin.

To understand how this works, you need to know a little about insulin.Insulin is a hormone that helps control blood sugar levels. One of the main effects of post-meal insulin is to allow blood sugar to move into the muscle, where it is stored or used as fuel to generate energy.

When people don't exercise enough and become overweight or obese, their body has to produce more insuline for the hormone to have this important effect.

One of the main health benefits of exercise is that it improves our insulin response, and we can better control our blood sugar levels - even if we don't see changes. This change is happening. And the new research clearly shows that what we eat after exercise can be very important for our ability to respond to insulin.

The response study was found after 6 weeks of supervised cycling exercise for 50 minutes, 3 times per week. The first group of overweight or obese men exercised before breakfast (fasting state), showed that insulin response improved after exercise. They produce less insulin to control blood sugar levels. Thus, they have reduced the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes after exercise.

The second group of men did the same exercise but after breakfast, and their ability to respond to insulin in the blood did not improve.

Those who practice before breakfast also burn twice as much fat during exercise compared to the workout group after breakfast. Current evidence suggests that the greater amount of fat burned during this workout may be the reason why this group gains more health benefits.

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Insulin is a hormone that helps control blood sugar levels.

Eating breakfast before or after exercising equally lost weight

A common misconception about working out in a fasting state is that increased fat burning will lead to faster weight loss. But to lose weight, the most important factor is the energy balance . It is the amount of energy consumed in the form of food and drink, minus the amount of energy consumed by the body, in part through exercise.

There is some evidence that a short period of time (24 hours), skipping breakfast and exercising can have a negative impact on energy balance when compared to eating a full breakfast and exercise. the same exercises.

The evidence also shows that, if the difference is only the time of exercise compared to breakfast (without skipping breakfast), the weight loss will be the same even if the fat burning is different. Therefore, increasing fat burning during exercise does not mean faster weight loss, unless the energy balance (for example, energy intake or energy used) is different.

In the coming time, it is possible that the research will be conducted again for women, although the results are likely to remain unchanged. This is because both men and women who eat breakfast before exercising cause fat loss during exercise.

This study also applies to types of exercise that require moderate intensity endurance, such as cycling or walking; and results may vary for high-intensity exercises or weight lifting.

So, before breakfast, take advantage of some exercise to go offline!

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