Share a book, share a dream

A campaign to raise books for children in remote areas is attracting bloggers (bloggers) from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. This is the first book movement launched on the Vietnamese netizens community initiated by the young writer Nguyen Thien Ngan.

A week ago, Thien Ngan posted on her blog (nick: Nomad) an article asking people to work together to remove bookshelves to move to remote areas for children.

Picture 1 of Share a book, share a dream Packing books for transportation ( Source: TTO ) By recounting her childhood, Thien Ngan shared with the blogger community information about rural areas that are unfamiliar with reading culture. Thien Ngan wrote: ' From the day I rekindled the intention to make a project to donate books, I often invite my friends to go to remote villages. The more I went, the more frustrated and frustrated I felt about my plan. Poor! I don't have rice to eat yet, I don't have time to read books . '

But then it was the poverty and the loss that made the determination to implement a book campaign for children in rural areas. Ngan said: ' Once I took part in a trip to give books and clothes to my children, I saw that the children who fought the most were not confectionery and clothes, but some Nhi Dong newspapers '. This makes Ngan believe that deep in their hearts, the desire to read books is flowing. Immediately, Thien Ngan's idea was shared by the online community, responding and "helping" to launch the blogosphere.

Both teacher Long Hoa, Faculty of Literature - Press of Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Thien Ngan's class leader, also joined the blogger community and sent a message to Thien Ngan to suggest campaigning in the same faculty, along with Block, because 'I know there is a supporter for me'. The campaign spread to Young Youth Union Branch, and this is the first unit to support books for this program.

* Address of books by bloggers in the southern region :
- Thien Ngan's blog
ID :
Tel : 0983379473

* Address of bloggers' books in Hanoi :
- Blog of Ha Yen
ID :
Tel : 0912516624

A blogger, Ha Yen in Hanoi, volunteered to advocate for the blogger community in Hanoi to support this program. Ha Yen did not quote Thien Ngan's posting on her blog but also wrote a very touching article sharing ideas with Ngan.

Ha Yen wrote: ' You can join me for a bit . A bit in Hanoi. A little in Saigon. A little bit . to send to the kids who crave books like you crave a breakfast with KFC? But buying and enjoying KFC is not difficult. As a meaningful book, clinging to the dream of good things will come to the future of those children will be very difficult, if you and I do not stop to spend a bit, just a little. . You! '.

And as Thien Ngan asserts: ' Every time you share a book, you share a dream. The dream of changing life, the dream of rising, the dream of flying away, the dream of going to .