Singapore is concerned about forest fires in Indonesia

On July 22, the Lion Island authorities expressed concern to Indonesia after a sudden increase in the number of forest fires in Sumatra. Singapore officials believe that dust and pollution will return if the number of forest fires continues to remain high.

>>>Singapore plans to prevent dust and smoke from rising

The National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA) leads satellite data to show that there has been a significant increase in forest fire hotspots over the past two days, with 261 fire points recorded on July 21 and 252. points on July 22.

The NEA has now informed the ASEAN Coordinating Center of the level of dust warning in Sumatra, after being raised to level 3.

Picture 1 of Singapore is concerned about forest fires in Indonesia
A forest fire spot in Kampar district, Riau province on Sumatra island on June 29.(Source: AFP / VNA)

NEA director Ronnie Tay also said he wrote a letter to his Indonesian counterpart Arief Yuwono expressing his concern, and once again offered to help and support Indonesia to prevent the pollution of dust and smoke again.

Mr. Ronnie Tay also urged Indonesia to act immediately and update efforts to deal with the "fire".

In response, the Indonesian side admitted that there were new scattered fires, confirming that the government was monitoring the situation and continuing to implement fire-fighting measures.

Dust has partially covered Malaysia on July 22, weeks after the region experienced the worst dust pollution in more than a decade due to forest fires in Indonesia.

According to the Malaysian environmental authority, at least three areas in the state of Malacca and the state of Selangor near the capital Kuala Lumpur recorded pollution levels in excess of 100.

A Malaysian official predicts this situation will continue for the next 2-3 days.

Although the sky in Singapore is still quite clear on July 22 and the air pollution index is good, the authorities still have a prepared plan to protect the health of the attendees. Singapore National Day parade (August 9).

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