Strange story 'cohabitation' in the Royal Qing Dynasty

8 supply of dignified, feminine items, considered "experiments" to practice the defense before the Dai Thanh emperor performed the ceremony.

The birth of the son of the lineage is always a great affair, the story of "great heavenly collection" of Giang Son commune. Therefore, the men in the royal family were married very early, usually between 13 and 17 years old. Even in many dynasties, the story of "dignity" of the female body, maturing into bed is considered a mandatory custom for the emperor and prince before marrying. There are kings who gave birth to their children before they became members.

The emperor Emperor Tu Tan Trung Tay Tan was also a child with a daughter in the rear of Ta Am before marrying Nam Nam Phong. That year, Tu Ma Trung was only 13 years old. In order to help me understand the story of the room, Tu Ma Viem gave millions of women Ta Am to the East to explain to Tu Ma Trung, now the prince. Few doubts, when Ta Am left the palace, he brought in the blood of the royal family, after giving birth to the king of a son. Van Thanh of the Northern Wei Dynasty also became a father when he was 14, even though he was officially 17 years old.

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Women are carefully selected. (Illustration).

But the "marriage test" only exists in Dai Thanh royal palace . And that is considered an official rule that emperors and princes must adhere to.

The maids who are selected as "experiments" will receive the king's tribute every month and do not have to do the daily work in the palace. Therefore, many female beauties after being recruited into the palace would like to get this golden opportunity to escape the misery. In addition to the official 8 female palace, there are 16 more female palace-covered women selected to serve the emperor. But no one is allowed to sneeze, cough, spit or emit any vulgar sounds that shock the dragon.

On August 29, 1886, NewYorkTimes also published an article titled: "Interesting revelations about Qing Dynasty royal life." In it, one year before the official establishment of the crown prince, the apostolic government would choose a woman who is one year older than the prince, to the East to help this future emperor to acquire knowledge of husbandhood. If the prince is satisfied and approved by the emperor, the queen, the lady will then be established as a son.

This custom of "marriage test" is explained as helping the minor emperors and sub-princes to gain experience about the defense, to avoid the envy of the future between the palace of the slash and the dead.

An equally interesting fact is that this ritual is also carried out when the Qing dynasty princesses make an offer. After being choosy, planning time to be a member, the future code will be recruited by the queen or queen. kiss". This lady will come to the house of the code and they will touch the bed with him that night. In the early morning of the next day, the "way" of imitation will be summoned to the palace, thoroughly mourning with the queen or queen, the physiological defects and personality characteristics of the code. If all goes well, the princess will officially become a body. And this female bow will be kept in the house of the code maker.