Sun: Java will be compatible with Vista

Sun Microsystems has just said its next version of Java Standard Edition (SE) will be very compatible with Windows Vista operating system.

Java SE 6 will appear next November, while Vista will be available early next year. Some time ago, there were reports that current versions of Java could not be compatible with Windows Vista.

Picture 1 of Sun: Java will be compatible with Vista " There will be a lot of parts that Vista changes completely compared to Windows XP, and so we will have to rebalance ," said Chet Haase, Sun's Java Desktop architect.

One of the current obstacles is the Vista Aero Glass desktop manager. This utility conflicts with Java, and so Sun engineers have had to try hard to solve the problem.

Greg Schechter, Microsoft's software architect, once said he could not run Java effects in the browser supported by Aero technology. However, this issue was quickly overcome by Sun.

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