Surprisingly with air conditioning

Why is it only made from terracotta, without electricity, that this air conditioner can cool the surrounding space?

Air conditioners are gradually becoming essential items for households and offices and offices.

An ideal environment will help improve the performance of workers, in which the ideal temperature plays an important role, especially for countries with hot climates like Vietnam. The hot, unpleasant weather of the summer not only affects health but is also frustrating and difficult to control emotions.

In countries with a tropical climate and heavy levels of environmental pollution like India, the need to cool living space and working space is also great. Although capable of rapid cooling, air conditioning damages the environment by increasing the greenhouse effect, while consuming a large amount of electricity. In the long term, air conditioning will make global warming problems worse.

Understanding that, Indian electronics company Deki Electronics and Ant Studio in New Delhi invented a structure that can cool the air without consuming any power unit.

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Air-conditioning solution using environmentally friendly terracotta.

About this idea, Monish Siripurapu, founder of Ant Studio, shared: 'As an architect, I want to save an environmentally friendly solution that is also very artistic using manual methods. traditional".

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This special 'equipment' has many advantages in cost savings, high aesthetics .

To create this smart air conditioner, the engineering team used a round metal frame to connect hundreds of terracotta tubes, creating a honeycomb structure .

This special ' cooling ' device possesses many advantages in cost saving, high aesthetic, terracotta tubes that can absorb water. When hot air flows through the earthen tube, cool air bounces up, cooling the surrounding space without using energy.

Picture 3 of Surprisingly with air conditioning
Steel circular frame of this special "air conditioner".

Picture 4 of Surprisingly with air conditioning
The laterite round tubes are fired according to the traditional method which is the main material of this air conditioner.

Picture 5 of Surprisingly with air conditioning
Diagram of air cooling principle of terracotta system: Hot air rises and pushes cool air out.

Picture 6 of Surprisingly with air conditioning
The water flowing through the earthenware tube absorbs a part to create cool air when the hot gas passes.

Picture 7 of Surprisingly with air conditioning
Not only is it cost effective, environmentally friendly, this air cooling solution is also highly aesthetic.

  • "Air conditioner" invention does not need electricity for summer day 45 degrees Celsius
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