The close button in the elevator door is really just for scenes

When you are rushing or want to prevent others from entering the elevator, you will often press the close button repeatedly to expect the door to close faster. However, this action does not bring any real effect because that button is designed only for the purpose.

Karen Penafiel, executive director of the National Elevator Industry Trade Group, said that since 1990, US law has made it clear that the opening time of elevator doors must be long enough for people with disabilities. disabilities can get in. Therefore, the elevator close button has been completely removed from the function at that time. And so, no matter how many times you push the elevator button, it can't make it close faster.

Picture 1 of The close button in the elevator door is really just for scenes
Elevator close button for scene only.(Image source: misubishi).

However, there is an exception.Only those with the key or code to unlock the elevator in an emergency (such as a firefighter or elevator repairer) can make it close or open immediately as desired.

For ordinary people, these buttons are completely useless. They only make us feel safer. Psychologists believe that keeping the button close makes us less stressful when we think that everything is under control. If fake buttons don't appear there, it's easy to feel that there's no control - a kind of psychology that is related to depression.

According to experts, knowing the truth about these buttons does not stop us from pressing them, because the feeling that I can "order" the door to close is still interesting for many people.

The first elevator was built in 1743 under King LOUIS XV. At that time, people designed very simple elevators based on the principle of counterbalance, only carrying one person to two-story houses. Later, the elevator gradually improved to become more popular in the 1980s with mechanical elevators, hydraulic-piston lifts, and electric elevators capable of bringing more people.

At first, the hoist set had only one speed, the cabin had a simple structure, the manual door was closed by hand, the cabin movement speed was low. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were many other elevators such as KONE, MISUBISHI, NIPPON ELEVATOR . that made high-speed elevators, better and quieter cabin facilities. And until recent years, elevators have been constantly improved with outstanding features to increase safety and become popular automation devices, more user friendly.

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