The little frog 'defeated' a leopard

After the panther tried to touch its frog, the victim jumped to attack the predator and the leopard jumped back in surprise. After that, the newspaper left, and the frog "triumphantly" watched.

Picture 1 of The little frog 'defeated' a leopard
The leopard repeatedly kicked the frog with his feet in front of him.

An Indian Forest Service officer, Susanta Nanda, posted a video on Twitter showing a leopard repeatedly kicking a frog in front of it. It is not clear where the video was shot.

Since posting online, the video has received a lot of comments. Many people try to explain why the leopard decided to leave the frog alone. Some people say that the newspaper only jokes with its prey and quickly loses interest.

'This is not like an adult leopard. He is just learning to catch the bait. Perhaps, it is trying to find out what the frog is , ' a network user commented. Other viewers believe this may be a poison frog.

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