The mystery of the ability to 'prophesy' thousands of years ago of the Greeks

Not only famous for unique architectural works, proud warriors or famous military, . Ancient Greece also made many people marvel at the accurate predictions thousands of years ago. .

In a new book by Dr. Adrienne Mayor, an American historian at Stanford University, the ancient Greeks envisioned many modern technology trends today.

The ancient inhabitants thousands of years ago seemed to be able to predict, when accurately predicting the rise of artificial intelligence, murder robots or the development trend of unmanned cars. .

Adrienne Mayor noted that many Silicon Valley bosses would probably learn something from stories in Greek mythology (especially ancient gods) more than 2,500 years ago.

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Talos - A giant, bronze-shaped humanoid machine guarding the island of Crete.

Accordingly, the evidence can be seen as some objects created by Hephaestus , the god of metal, sculpture, fire and inventions in Greek mythology, may be the initial prediction of the increase. of humanoid robots in this day and age.

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Many inventions and works in Greek mythology show the incredible predictability of ancient inhabitants more than 2,000 years ago. (Photo:

Among the artifacts of Hephaestus include Talos, a giant humanoid machine cast in bronze that guards the island of Crete (Greece).

Another example is Pandora, a "robot" created by Hephaestus to open a box and "free the evils" in the world, thought to be like the characters from the movie "Blade Runner".

In addition, Homer's epic also mentions how to navigate the sea of ​​the convoy, similar to modern GPS technology, or the description of a self-driving tripod carrying nectar showing predictions of the figure Automatic delivery by modern robots.

According to historian Adrienne Mayor, although not sure how these technologies will work, ancient Greeks could have foreseen their rise in society. In fact, if we look carefully, we can see many similarities or similarities in Greek mythology with the development trend of technology today.

Adrienne Mayor said artificial intelligence (AI), although it may raise unforeseen problems for humankind, can bring about positive changes as long as it is controlled.

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