The mystery of the case is solved by the 'ghost' of the deceased victim

 This strange case happened in the last century in America.

How can a young and healthy person suddenly die, fall into "a thousand sleep" ?

This question caused a woman named Mary Jane Heaster, from Greenbrier County, North Virginia, USA, to struggle in the winter nights of 1897 after her daughter Zona died in January of that year. .

At that time, Mary did not stop dreaming about her daughter. Zona stood by her mother's bedside and demanded to climb, according to Mary. Zona's body was very cold and she tried to tell her mother: "The heart attack did not take her life, but she was killed."

After that, the document recording this case is a rare case solved by the dream of the victim's family .

Picture 1 of The mystery of the case is solved by the 'ghost' of the deceased victim
A photo that allegedly captures Zona and Edward but has not been verified.

The truth is that in October 1896, Zona, then 23, was on a business trip in town when he came across a blacksmith man named Edward Shue , 37. A few weeks later, the couple moved into marriage despite Mary's objections. Both build their lives in a house close to the blacksmith.

Three months later, on January 23, 1897, Zona was found motionless at the bottom of the stairs by a neighbor boy named Andy Jones.

Andy then runs to the blacksmith shop to inform Edward while the boy's mother calls Dr. George Knapp. When the doctor was at home, Zona was put up in bed and dressed in a high neck dress for funerals.

Meanwhile, rumors began to spread in the locality. It is rumored that Zona had given birth to an illegitimate child while Edward had two wives. In his first marriage, Edward had a child named Girta and divorced in 1889. His second wife, Lucy, died mysteriously. Many people say that Lucy was pregnant and slipped while walking on the snowy road. However, another opinion asserted that this woman was hit with a brick or poisoned to death.

As for Mary, she had never liked this son-in-law. She said that Zona had visited her dream. In it, she admitted to her mother that, up to now, her hunch about Edward was always right. It was he who killed her.

Zona visited her mother four nights in a row, and Mary said that their relationship was resolved.

In the dream, Zona also said that on the day of her death, Edward was furious with her because she did not eat meat at dinner. Later, Zona was beaten by her husband and broke her neck. 

The next morning, Mrs. Mary woke up and immediately went to prosecutor John Alfred Preston, who agreed to accept the case. John talks to Dr. George and he admits he has not carefully examined Zona's body. He provided further information that the young girl had a bruise on her neck at the time of her death.

At the same time, the townspeople told the prosecutor about Edward's strange behavior at his wife's funeral. He didn't let anyone near the coffin and he or someone had put a pillow on one side of Zona's head.

Prior to all this information, John asked to unearth Zona's body and perform an autopsy clearly and thoroughly. Results showed that Zona's neck was broken and dislocated between the first and second vertebra. Zona's windpipe was crushed, proving she was strangled.

Later, Edward was arrested and a trial took 8 days. On the sixth day, Edward defended himself but to no avail. He chattered and blamed that everyone wanted to harm him.

The jury weighed for more than an hour and ruled that Edward was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was taken to a state prison in Moundville.

Now, a historic site is set up along Route 60 to remind everyone who crossed this winding mountain path to remember a case solved by the victim's "ghost". hidden.

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