The woman with the most painful disease in the world

Kayla Hansen suffers from a disease that brings about more pain than giving birth, broken bones or cancer chemotherapy.

The life of Kayla Hansen (born in 1989), from Arizona, USA has been turned upside down since 2015 when she accidentally slammed the car door. She did not expect the small accident to bring herself to suffer from a painful disease, an ulcer body and not be able to do many things on her own.

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Kayla Hansen suffered two hand injuries in a car collision. A year later her body appeared sores, single painful discharge. (Photo: Barcroft Images).

Accident unexpected carrying life-long pain

In December 2015, Kayla was suddenly slammed into two car doors. That frequent trauma can lead to this unimaginable and dangerous situation for this woman.

A year after the aforementioned injury, she went to the hospital for a checkup because of the 'burning from the inside' burning condition. According to the Daily Mail, the disease makes every contact exposure of Kayla also becomes a bone pain. She couldn't drive a car, even washing her hands made her skin blister.

Initially, the doctors did not believe it, until he witnessed Kayla's skin lesions. After research, they diagnosed her with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). CRPS is a condition in which the nervous system attacks the whole body.

Most sufferers experience physical pain, burning, burning from the inside, or someone stabbing their flesh.

However, doctors still cannot explain where the disease is triggered. About 1 in every 4,000 people will be attacked by CRPS to some extent.

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The sores start from the arms and then spread throughout the body, even on the scalp. (Photo: NZ Herald).

Life is turned upside down because of a strange disease

Talking about the worst ordeal of her life, Kayla told Barcroft TV in an interview: "In some people, CRPS will only appear on an arm or a leg but I am a case of full body CRPS. '.

Complex regional pain syndrome is rated as the most painful disease in the world. The pain of it goes beyond the pain of childbirth, bone fractures or cancer chemotherapy. CRPS is also nicknamed 'suicide disease' because the number of people seeking death after suffering unbearable physical pain is very high.

The female patient described the pain as unbearably worse: "From head to toe it is like someone poured gasoline on and set it on fire, then put it in the garbage machine." Kayla is in stage 4 of Diseases - the most severe condition of complex regional pain syndrome.

If the " pain" Kayla has to endure from 1 to 10, most pain is at its highest. "Luckily some days the pain dropped to 9 or 9.5 thanks to painkillers. But it never went lower ," she said.

Just 2 years after getting sick, Kayla's sores spread from her right arm down to her hands and her body, even her scalp. She uses a painkiller for radiotherapy to apply, to minimize pain, though not by much.

'I can't drive or do anything, not even wash my hands. It made me nervous and nervous because I became dependent on others, ' NZ Herald quoted patients.

Before becoming ill, Kayla was an Italian restaurant manager. Since the discovery of CRPS, the image of an independent, sociable young woman has disappeared, instead, she had to attach to the bed and depend on her mother, asking her to help with the smallest things like bathing Or go to the toilet.

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Kayla Hansen finds ways to alleviate the pain caused by CRPS. She had to adapt herself and live with it her whole life. (Photo: Daily Mail).

Find a way to live with the world's most painful disease

Strangely and painful, Kayla still found many ways to adapt to it. The average temperature of Arizona is about 30 degrees Celsius.

The weather conditions made Kayla's condition worse. During the summer months, when the temperature surpasses 38 Celsius, this woman has to be in the bedroom and monitored carefully. The conditioner is always open at 18 degrees Celsius to keep the sores from getting irritated.

CRPS has no cure but can be relieved by a number of remedies. Therefore, during 5 years of illness, she always tried many ways to control the level of pain.

Female patient said: "I went through a few treatments since suffering CRPs as ketamine infusion - medicine for people with chronic severe pain or anesthesia 10-15 nerve sensation '. However, all of them are not effective.

'At first, I was very disappointed because every attempt failed. But out of sadness, I accepted it and lived as part of my life, ' Kayla added.

According to Versus Arthritis, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is an uncomfortable, painful condition after a certain trauma (such as broken bones, sprains, etc.). CRPS usually affects only one arm or leg. A study shows that there are about 3,800 people in the UK with this syndrome each year. In the US, for every 100,000 people, there are 5.5 - 26.2 people infected / year.

The cause of CRPS is still inconclusive, but it is thought that nerves in the affected area become more sensitive.

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