The world's first robot can look and paint people

In addition to portraiture, Egypt can communicate with his eyes, watch people watch paintings and answer questions.

The owner of an exhibition hall in England hopes to find the answer to the question "Can robots be creative?" via Ai-da - a robot painter capable of portraying people using artificial intelligence (AI).

Reuters news agency on February 15 said that Egypt was in the process of finalizing its work before being released by engineers in Cornwall, England.

The orange manufacturer has the ability to use the eye to observe and use a pencil to draw a person sitting as a model.

The gallery owner Aidan Meller named Egypt after the name of the English mathematician and the world's first programmer - Ada Lovelace, and called her the first "surreal AI robot artist" on world.

Mr. Meller raised his ambition to help Egypt perform drawing skills as a true artist.

"She actually painted and we hope to build the technology for her to paint," Meller said. "Like a performance artist, she is also capable of interacting with audiences and conveying messages, asking questions about today's technology" - Mr. Meller added.

Picture 1 of The world's first robot can look and paint people
Egypt has human-like expressive movements - (Photo: REUTERS).

Egypt is also able to move very vividly. Cameras in every Egyptian eyeball can recognize human characteristics.

Egypt can communicate with the eyes and follow the people watching the paintings as they walk around the gallery, opening and closing their mouths like humans. If a person comes too close, Ai will turn around and blink as if surprised.

The Egyptian manufacturer said she had long hair, silicon skin and teeth with gums printed with 3D technology. Egypt has expressive movements and can talk and answer questions.

"allows robots to monitor faces to identify facial features and imitate your expressions" - designer and production engineer Marcus Hold at Engineered Arts said.

Ai will appear at the "Unsecured Futures" exhibition to introduce himself at Oxford University in May and her sketches will be displayed in London in November.

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