This is the most perfect 'body' for mankind to exist, but it looks freakishly creepy

With looks like this, I'm sure no one dares to think about owning them.

What is a perfect body? Must slim, beautiful curves, 6 pack muscles brawny and not a bit of excess fat?

That's right, but it's the perfect body according to the beautiful standards of the modern world. From a biological and evolutionary perspective, the body is not as perfect as we thought.

The human body is a series of problems

The evolution to own a bigger and better brain than a primate relative, plus the ability to walk with two feet has brought people to the top of the food chain. But in exchange for that, nature has left people with great errors that are not easily eliminated.

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Evolution to own a bigger and better brain than primates.

For example, human women are the only species to suffer a lot of pain during childbirth, as the pelvis gradually shrinks while the baby's skull gets bigger. In addition, the S-shaped spine of humans is also considered an evolutionary error, because that structure is not suitable to support the entire upper body weight, leading to us having many back problems.

So how is the structure perfect?

According to anatomist Alice Roberts , a body that is considered perfect will be completely unrelated to today's beauty standards. Instead, she believed that if it was possible to replace the missing parts with something more suitable on other animals, things would completely change.

To make that idea a reality, Roberts collaborated with several artists and other biologists to build a model with a model based on her own body, named: Alice Roberts 2.0.

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Alice Roberts and .

Basically, version 2.0 of Roberts will still be human, but has been changed to "perfect" more with very odd details: big ears, perky like cats; kangaroo-like belly; with big eyes like those of an octopus.

Owning a stomach bag is an idea borrowed from kangaroo behavior: give birth right from an extremely young stage, then feed it in a pocket. This reduces the pain and burden for women during childbirth. And because of the right to raise children in the pocket, 2 breasts also no longer work.

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This body will have a better functioning heart, the legs are replaced like the momentum.

"Roberts 2.0" legs are also replaced in the same proportions as ostriches: muscles focus on the area near the pelvis, in order to absorb impulses. Lungs are derived from birds, because they possess a very efficient mechanism of oxygen uptake. The spine is shorter, more stable - ideas from chimpanzees; and finally the heart of the dog and guinea, with the ability to transport oxygen more efficiently.

"Inspired by dogs, cats, fish, swans, chimpanzees and molluscs, this body will have a better functioning heart (because there are more blood vessels), more efficient lungs, There is no blind spot in sight, better headphones, more effective legs and skin is able to respond well to the change of the sun " - Roberts shared in an interview with the BBC.

It is known that this model, built by Roberts in 2018, has been given away some scientific exhibitions. Most researchers also agree that this is a perfect body, just that it does not suit any of us.

How about you? Do you find your upper body beautiful, or scary? Leave a comment.

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