Thousands of people demanded drinking liquid in the Egyptian coffin for 2,000 years

1,500 people signed applications to drink red liquid in black stone coffins in Egypt despite the risk of viruses, bacteria and many other pathogens.

Archaeologists opened a 2,000-year-old black coffin in Alexandria, Egypt on July 19 to learn about the interior. Although there is no evidence of a devilish curse when opening the lid of the coffin, discovering three sets of corpses that could be soldier corpses in red liquid still stir up on social networks. A petition on expressed an interest in tasting liquids inside the coffin and attracted 1,500 signatures as of July 20, according to Live Science.

Picture 1 of Thousands of people demanded drinking liquid in the Egyptian coffin for 2,000 years
Inside the black granite coffin contains three sets of remains and liquid water.

"We need to drink the red liquid from the black coffin to bring the curse as a form of energy drink to be able to dominate the power before death," the petition said.

According to bacteriologist Rolf Halden, professor and director of the Center for Environmental Health Engineering at the Biodesign Institute of the University of Arizona, USA, drinking liquids in coffins is not a wise idea . Instead of getting the strength from the dead, the drinker can get bad things.

Water and crumbs from decomposing bodies contain countless microorganisms and several types of potentially dangerous ones. Certainly in liquid water contains viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, including bacteria that can create endosperm very difficult to destroy. Spores exist in specimens that decompose thousands, even millions of years.

"If anyone really wants to drink this liquid, the material needs to be sterilized first," Halden said.

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