Warning fake websites for downloading IE 7

Hackers have just launched a fake Web site for the site to download Microsoft's version of Internet Explorer 7 RC1 for the purpose of distributing malware.

Taking advantage of the fact that Microsoft has just released the official version of Internet Explorer 7, hackers have created a fake web site for downloading this new web browser version.

In fact, if Internet users access this site, instead of downloading the latest web browser version, they download an extremely dangerous trojan.

Picture 1 of Warning fake websites for downloading IE 7 They entice Internet users to access this site by sending fake email messages sent from support@microsoft.com email addresses. In emails like this, often attach a link to a fake website that provides Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate version 1.

This site is quite similar to the official website for downloading IE 7 RC1 version of Microsoft. This site implanted a trojan downloader with the ability to exploit browser security flaws on Internet users' systems to break into the system.

As its name suggests, once this trojan has successfully hacked into the victim system, it will continue to download more malware. The worst case scenario is that it turns victim PC into a 'member' in the hacker's botnet - a network dedicated to spam attacks, DoS .

This is a common tactic used by hackers to spread malware.

Hoang Dung

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