Water bottles help the owner prevent dehydration

This smart, nearly 1-liter smart water bottle is made of glass and is covered with silicone, but it's more than just a smartphone that reminds users to drink plenty of water. .

Picture 1 of Water bottles help the owner prevent dehydration

When using a BluFit , users need to enter personal information into the app included on the phone to create a separate water program. Then, BluFit begins to record the amount of water as well as when the user drinks water, before sending the data to the phone. When the owner does not drink enough water, the vase activates a series of warning signs (with light, sound and message on the phone) to add water.

All important devices are located on the lid, including a low-power Bluetooth chip, a water level sensor, warning lights, a small speaker, a battery and a USB port for charging. the battery. Depending on usage, battery life can last from 7-10 days after each charge.

For people who need extra water, the BluFit app lets them set the amount of water they need each day and set their preferred reminder. This application also helps users track the position of the water bottle if they are forgetful. The BluFit smart water jug - suitable for use with devices running Android and iOS - is expected to be available in March from around $ 49.

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