What will happen if the sea becomes transparent?

You can swim freely in the sea next to the fish and still be active in all dangers lurking. But is this really beneficial to all?

The ocean covers about 70% of the Earth's surface, but so far, humans have only discovered less than one percent of what lies beneath these huge bodies of water.

But imagine if the sea ​​becomes transparent , nothing blocking the view of man? So what will we find on the ocean floor?

Humans will quickly recognize the vast amount of waste that has been dumped into the ocean. According to the statistics, about 1.4 billion tons of garbage are dumped into the ocean every year.

With a clear ocean, you can see trash easier than ever.

Picture 1 of What will happen if the sea becomes transparent?
You can see the bottom of the ocean clearly if the ocean becomes transparent.

Not only that, you can see shipwrecks sinking into the ocean floor hundreds of years ago, but maybe there will be some secret treasure inside.

Next, you can see all kinds of fish and marine life. According to a research center in Loweroft, England, the ocean has about 5 billion tons of fish. This amount is sufficient to fill the famous Loch Ness Lake in Scotland.

According to UNESCO, each year, scientists discover about 150 new species of fish in the ocean. It is estimated that over the next 30 years they will discover almost all types of fish. With the ocean becoming transparent, it is likely that it will happen much earlier.

However, when the water became transparent, the researchers were concerned that the ocean would lose large amounts of phytoplankton, an important food source for many types of fish. Therefore, the object that may be in more serious trouble is the fish.

Moreover, the viability of 90% of all organisms in the ocean is determined by the sun.

At present, only part of the ocean is considered to be in the light region.

If the ocean is clear, every part will turn into a band of bright light, all rays can pass through, helping photosynthesis.

But if sunlight hits the ocean floor, the water will warm. All sediments on the ocean floor will absorb more heat than ever. At its peak, much sunlight in the ocean raises temperatures enough to reduce the amount of oxygen in the water.

Less oxygen, fish will be in serious trouble because fish need oxygen like humans, oxygen provides energy for their cells, lack of oxygen, fish will die.

Therefore, the sea ​​becomes clearer, it can look more beautiful, people see through everything but it will harm many species living in the water environment .

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