Why do so many people wake up in the middle of the night?

Do not drink coffee, use stimulants before sleeping, eating, and living completely healthy, but many people are always awake at midnight.

Waking up at night is not necessarily due to insomnia. Psychology professor at University of London Alice Gregory thinks that suddenly waking up in the night is quite normal.

After the body is completely relaxed, we move through the different stages of a sleep. On average, each cycle completes in 90 minutes and the cycle speed increases gradually until the next morning.

'Our sleep is also interrupted by short-term wakeups. However, people often return to sleep immediately without realizing this disruption, '' Professor Gregory said.

However, sometimes we can be more aware. This is due to obvious effects such as being too hot or cold, having nightmares, hearing a baby cry or health problems (night urination or breathing disorders).

According to Professor Gregory, the frequency of insomnia and how long the condition lasts will be important . 'If you often wake up at night, tell your doctor right away to investigate the underlying cause of the condition,' says Professor Gregory.

Lack of sleep causes consequences like irritability, loss of concentration, increased risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes . 'People often think that people sleep through the night, which is a misconception' , Sleep coach Katie Fischer insists.

We are not necessarily too concerned about waking up several times a night, the most important thing is how we feel after waking up. Every morning, do you feel refreshed, refreshed or moody, without energy?

Coach Fischer believes that sleep in married people is more likely to be affected."They themselves may not have sleep problems but still lose sleep due to the influence of people around them , " she said.

Lifestyle changes will make a big difference. This applies to people with sleep apnea (though they should be treated by a medical professional at best). Coach Fischer advises people to stop consuming caffeine after 2 or 3 pm. The amount of water you drink during the day is also a factor because dehydration can also disrupt sleep.

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Fruit, beans, nuts and some other benign foods help improve sleep quality.(Photo: Guardian).

Similarly, people often use alcoholic beverages to help them fall asleep. However, alcohol also brings many long-term harm: Causes a sharp increase in blood sugar and cortisol levels. The diet may work in the same manner. Some 'anti-sleep' foods, such as broccoli and cabbage, are high in sugar, causing bloating or heartburn.

To sleep better, Fischer encourages everyone to snack before bed with carbohydrate and protein-rich foods such as whole grains with milk, toast with peanut butter. A diet high in fruits, vegetables, protein, legumes, nuts and healthy fats (limited to processed foods, red meat and alcohol) has been shown to improve sleep apnea.

In addition, exercising during the day also improves the quality of sleep but requires limited vigorous activity and energy at night. An important piece of advice is to prepare yourself for a 'clean sleep ': Limit your blue light exposure and go to bed on time.

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Controlling stress and anxiety, learning to relax the body and mind is the key to a good night's sleep.(Photo: Guardian).

Besides, experts advise people to keep bedroom space as literally 'bedroom'. Do not turn this into a office or movie because it will suggest this place is not for sleeping. If you wake up during the night, then wake up a little more, lying in bed trying to sleep is just counterproductive.

Above all, managing stress and anxiety, learning to relax the body and mind is the key to a good night's sleep.

Biological mechanisms show that not the definition of a good night's sleep is to sleep through the night and that never happens. Changing our notion of 'good sleep' is the first thing we all need to look forward to.

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