Wonder the lovely squid like little pig

The ocean contains strange creatures, pig ink is one of them. As the name suggests, they have a round body, a pig-like muzzle but big eyes and squid tentacles.

The scientific name of the pig squid is Helicocranchia pfefferi , belonging to the family Cranchiidae. This is one of the most adorable animals in the ocean thanks to its shape as a "hybrid" of "borderless love" between pigs and squid.

Funny pig squid.

An adult pig squid is about 10cm long, the body is bulging with two beautiful small fins on the tail that act as a paddle. The eyes above were quite big, small tentacles, which looked like curls.

This squid species lives under the ocean surface, depths of about 100-2,000m and swim quite slowly. Like their relatives, the pig squid also swims by taking water into the body and then kicking it out to create thrust. Food of pig ink is plankton.

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Although it is easy to detect pig ink species, so far the scientific community has very little information about them.Hunting characteristics, breeding season or how they live in the same species in the ocean have no solution - (Photo: Nautilus).

Most recently, a pig squid was found swimming at 1,385m depth in Palmyra Atoll (North Pacific) . The Nautilus team is part of a nonprofit organization called Ocean Explective Trust, which explains that although the water is usually higher, sometimes the squid dives deeper.

They can adjust buoyancy with a chamber filled with ammonia in the body. This compartment makes the body of the ink become lighter and move faster in the water.

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