Why are insect dishes delicious but dangerous?

In many countries around the world, as in Vietnam, the use of insects for a long time is quite common such as locusts, grasshoppers, silkworm pupae, crickets, bees, termites, cicadas pupae, pests Chit, deep strawberry, kudzu . It is even made into specialty dishes (fried scorpions, locust satay sauce, stinking bugs with lemon leaves, dried egg stalks to make cakes, fried crickets .). However, the use of insects for processing into food has been appearing many risks to health and even affect the lives of people eating.

Signs of insect poisoning

Common clinical signs in insect-poisoning poisoning are: nausea, vomiting, shaking hands and feet, some cases of severe vomiting, limb twitching, dizziness, increased secretion, stiffness of the jaw, and click like to struggle, have difficulty breathing, consciously dream, coma, itchy, full-body rash . and can die.

Clinical manifestations with symptoms more or less, mild or severe depending on the toxin in the insect, the total amount ingested and the eating place (elderly people, drinking alcohol, pregnant women, children . .

The use of insects for processing into food has been posing many risks to health.

Causes of poisoning cases

  • Using dead insects produces toxins; insects infected with poisonous mushrooms;
  • Insects contain poisonous plastic such as Pile tree, Grassroot, purple oil . (containing Alcaloit group, Glucozit group .) or toxic toxins that are not destroyed at processing temperature.
  • Insects with many strange proteins cause allergies to susceptible people to prepare food.

The lack of knowledge and lack of knowledge in selection, preliminary processing and processing of insects as food, subjective psychology when selecting strange insects to 'experiment' according to the experience of 'gossip' to process (eat re, eat raw, soak wine .) and use dishes made from insects, larva . have many potential risks affecting health, poisoning and even cause death for eater.

How to prevent poisoning when eating insects

At present, when there are no in-depth and in-depth studies on insects used in food processing, the Department of Food Safety recommends:

  • 1 . Absolutely do not use all kinds of pupae, larvae, strange insects, have died or have a shape, color different from nature to be processed into food.
  • 2 . Select common, fresh, live pupae, larvae, insects to be processed into food. Especially those with allergic sites should be careful when eating, if in doubt, do not eat.
  • 3 . In case after eating, there are unusual symptoms and symptoms such as fatigue, lightheadedness, nausea, rash, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal disorders . need to go immediately to medical facilities for examination and treatment timely treatment.

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