10 steps to help you clean your air conditioner at home safely

Periodic cleaning and conditioning is a job that cannot be overlooked during the use of air conditioners to help save electricity and maintain durability for the machine. With the following 10 basic steps, we will help you clean your air conditioner at home very simply, safely and effectively.

Why must air conditioning be cleaned?

As you also know, regular air conditioning maintenance contributes to making your home air conditioner more stable , much higher efficiency than not maintaining. At the same time, it also helps maintain the durability of the machine, saving significant power.

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Signs need air conditioning cleaning

Signs of defense you need to clean the air conditioner: Is it cold or cold air is weak? It may be because your air conditioner has not been cleaned for a long time, resulting in reduced cooling capacity.

In the process of using whether you buy new or used goods for a whole year without cleaning or maintenance will make a bad outdoor unit can cause serious damage that this is the ultimate of air conditioning.

More often at the family support is the indoor unit (Indoor unit) that does not exchange heat and is brought to a cold temperature, causing the water to condense much and flowing out of the chute of the machine.

For families, cleaning should be done every 3 ~ 4 months. For office guests, 2 ~ 3 months / time.

Instructions for self-cleaning of air conditioners at home safely

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Periodic machine maintenance increases durability for air conditioners.(Artwork: internet)

Step 1: Check the external condition of the machine, carefully check the outdoor unit and indoor unit area to see if they are abnormal or not.

Step 2: You must check the electrical connection points to see if they meet the requirements and safety, otherwise tighten it immediately after checking all other parts.

Step 3: Remove obstacles that appear in the outdoor or cold frame , if there are abnormal obstacles, the blower will not work properly.

Step 4 : Maintain the propeller and fan compartment, clean.

Step 5 : Check the heat exchanger of the two outdoor units and the indoor unit.

Step 6 : Check and clean the dust net to help them filter dust more efficiently.

Step 7 : Clean the water trough.

Step 8: Clean the case to keep the machine new.

Step 9: Check the gas termites to ensure no leaks.

Step 10: Check the current consumption of air conditioners with specialized tools.

Never forget that you need to unplug and turn off the power before proceeding with maintenance!

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