Instructions for proper air conditioning for good sleep

Air conditioner will help you to dissolve the uncomfortable feeling of hot day, but not everyone knows how to use it properly.

Using the right air conditioner will help you stay healthy as well as the most economical way to use air conditioner. Proper air conditioning, room cooling 15 minutes in advance, adjusting the temperature and fan speed accordingly, body temperature, periodic cleaning . are necessary to have a good night's sleep.

>>>Knowing not to waste electricity is useless

Air conditioning has become an indispensable device for many families today, especially on hot days. However, air conditioning can cause users to be cold at night, lying uneasily, sleeping poorly if used in the wrong way. Here are some ways to help users use air conditioner with good sleep:

Install air conditioner in the right place

In the room, users should install the indoor unit on high so that cold air radiates evenly throughout the room. The outdoor outdoor unit should be kept in a well-ventilated place, the sun does not shine. The direction of setting the outdoor unit is best in the North or South. If installed in the East or West, there should be a sunshade.

The outdoor unit and indoor unit are placed as close to each other as possible, so close the room, do not turn on / off the air conditioner many times . to avoid wasting energy. Combined with choosing to buy air conditioner using All DC Inverter engine, you can sleep soundly without worrying about electricity bills rising sharply.

Freeze the room before bed

According to Hitachi technical expert - Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong, users have more comfortable and easier sleep when the cool air spreads throughout the room. Each conditioner has a cooling capacity corresponding to the machine capacity and room area.

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Cooling the room before bed helps the user feel more comfortable and sleepier.

For example, air conditioner with a capacity of 9,000 BTU is suitable for room 15-20m 2 ; 12,000 BTU for rooms 20-30m 2 . However, the start time and cooling speed of each machine are different. If you do not own an air conditioner with fast cooling ability, users should turn on the air conditioner 10 - 15 minutes before sleeping.

Adjust temperature and fan speed accordingly

The habit of turning on the cool air before going to bed, until the new body chills up to adjust the temperature - is the reason many people get cold at night. Body temperature changes with each stage of sleep. Therefore, the air-conditioning temperature should be low with rapid cooling rate when starting to create instant comfort, gradually increase by 1-2 degrees C while sleeping and cool again after waking up.

In addition, expert Nguyen Manh Cuong advised to install a specialized air conditioner for the bedroom, such as the series of machines that can adjust the temperature and fan speed accordingly to the human body temperature and each sleep phase. This feature not only limits the risk of cold at night, but also avoids the inconvenience of having to wake up many times to adjust the air conditioner. At the same time, the machine must maintain quiet operation (19dB) to help sleep deeper and better.

In addition, users should also choose to buy air conditioners capable of filtering air efficiently. Currently, there are a number of smart air conditioner lines with 3-layer air filtration system (stainless steel Nano Titanium filter, Nano Titanium Wasabi filter, UV Fresh technology) that can kill bacteria and prevent development of mold and thorough deodorization.

Periodic conditioning and hygiene

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Air conditioner with stainless steel filter has antibacterial effect, easy cleaning.

After using time, air conditioner is the residence of bacteria, mold . Hygienic hygiene once every 6 months helps protect user health, increase machine life and save electricity significantly. Cleaning parts are masks, sieves, outdoor units and indoor units. When cleaning, it is necessary to turn off the power to ensure safety, never wet the electronic board (located on the compressor).

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