Why is the air conditioner not cool enough when it is hot?

Many people complain despite turning on and setting air conditioners at low temperatures but still don't feel cool enough. Even, air conditioning runs "sluggishly" or interrupts continuously. What makes air conditioners not cool enough when the peak is hot?

The North is in the hot, sunny days. According to weather forecast information, many areas in Hanoi in recent days amounted to more than 39 - 41 degrees Celsius. Hot and sunny weather makes the outdoor heat up to 47 - 50 degrees Celsius.

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What makes the air conditioner not cool enough during hot sunny days?(Artwork: Internet).

In the heat of the hot weather, the solution of many people is not to go outside during peak sunshine hours and stay in rooms using air conditioning to ' avoid heat'. However, many people complain despite turning on and setting air conditioners at low temperatures but still don't feel cool enough. Even, air conditioning runs "sluggishly" or interrupts continuously. These are the reasons that air conditioners are not cool enough when the peak is hot.

Here are the main reasons why your home air conditioner is not cool enough during peak sunny days.

Install air conditioner in the hot corner

Many families in apartments or houses with narrow areas should be limited in choosing the right angle to install. In addition, many people believe that the installation of air conditioning in the corner of the hot room will quickly reduce heat. It is this that easily leads to the condition that the air conditioner must be overloaded when it is necessary to cool the overheated wall first, then the air in the room.

Especially with the outdoor weather up to more than 40 degrees C, the air conditioning in the corner of the hot room, direct sunlight will make the air conditioner must operate continuously and still can not cool Enough as expected.

According to the advice, you should install the air conditioner in cool corners so that the temperature in the room drops quickly and then slowly cool the surrounding walls. However, it should be noted that the system between the outdoor unit and the cold unit should not be pulled too long as the system will not function optimally.

Always let the temperature of the air conditioner be too low

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The habit of letting the temperature too low can cause the air conditioner to overload.(Artwork: Internet)

On hot days, many families have a habit of regulating the temperature to the lowest level to cool the room. However, the continuous low heat level may lead to overloading or a significant reduction in life.

In addition, keeping the temperature level too low is not good for the health because the temperature difference is too high between inside and outside, it is easy to 'shock' the heat. Experts give advice, no matter how hot the weather is, set the air-conditioning temperature to around 25 degrees Celsius or just below the 7 to 7 degrees Celsius outdoor temperature.

Also according to the recommendation of Vietnam Electricity EVN, users should only turn on the air conditioner at 26 degrees Celsius to ensure power savings for customers, while minimizing the risk of local overload of the grid , and also limit status of electricity bills suddenly increased.

A little trick to help you feel cooler is to use an extra electric fan. The wind of the electric fan and the cool air in the air-conditioned room will help the user feel much cooler if only air conditioner is used.

Air conditioning capacity is not enough

Air conditioning capacity also affects many factors: construction materials, heat sources affecting the room, the number of users, frequency of use . Therefore, not all rooms have pepper. same standard. The condition of air conditioning is not cold enough often occurs in families with large population, the space is too wide and not closed; Or in offices, where the office has many people, many types of machines and heating equipment or too many people regularly come in / out.

To avoid this situation, before buying air conditioners, buyers can add / subtract about 5 - 10m3 / capacity. In the case of using the room, the outside surface is exposed to direct sunlight, connected to another room, with ventilation fan . please add from 0.3 to 0.5 Hp, depending on the degree of heat, causing loss of cold capacity.

Air conditioner cannot be cooled because of lack of gas

In air conditioners that have been used for several years and long paths, many very small leaks must show after all year. Therefore, after total cleaning and still feeling less cold, check the gas. Or if you have just loaded gas to increase the cooling solvent but the air conditioner is not cold enough, you should quickly find the cause of the leak, then complete the refill. If you add additional gas without checking, then after a period of time, the gas is completely out and cold.

In newly installed air conditioners, if it is not cold enough, it may be due to the welds of the gas conduction system already open so the air conditioner can run out of gas after only 1 night (especially the air conditioner). . At this time, users should call a warranty technician to check the welds.

Air conditioner is overloaded because of continuous operation 24/7

On days when the outdoor temperature is higher than 40 degrees Celsius and the heat is so intense today, many families use continuous air conditioning to avoid heat.

The condition of overloaded air conditioner is very likely to occur when the weather is too hot. Because the air conditioner is not cool enough, users often leave the temperature too low, leading to an overload of air conditioners, sluggish running.

If for a long time, when overloaded, the air conditioner will be broken or heavier than broken block, the repair cost is very large. The capacitors are usually calculated by the manufacturers to withstand the temperature of 45 degrees Celsius with the outdoor weather 40 degrees Celsius inside the air conditioner can be up to 50-60 degrees Celsius, causing the explosion / failure of the capacitor.

So let the air conditioner have a break. When the weather is cool (early morning or night), turn off the air conditioner and open the door to catch the outdoor air. Similarly, if not too hot, you can turn off the air conditioner when sleeping at night. Your body can withstand higher temperatures when sleeping.

Install air conditioner platform facing the wind direction

In windy places, do not mount a rig facing the wind direction, because the wind causes air conditioning to evaporate and makes the air conditioner work harder to provide enough coolness. Ideally, install air conditioning perpendicular to the wind direction.

Air filter of conditioning " is having problems"

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Dirty air filters can reduce machine performance and lead to problems such as freezing.(Artwork: Internet).

Stable maintenance of the best temperature of air conditioner depends very much on the ventilation and cleanliness of both outdoor and indoor units. Therefore, to ensure that the air conditioner can provide enough cold air, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the outdoor unit and the indoor unit so that dust and dirt are not attached.

For new types of conditioning will not encounter this situation. But old air conditioners (used for about 2 years) that are not properly cleaned and maintained will be very dirty. Plaque, dirt, spider web will create a layer of adhesion. If this situation occurs in the filter of the indoor unit, the air conditioner cannot blow cold air into the room. In the outdoor unit, it is easy to create a blockage, no ventilation for the outdoor unit to radiate heat when the air conditioner operates.

In it, air filters are an essential component of every air conditioner that removes dust and debris from the air before blowing into your home. Most air filters need to be cleaned or replaced monthly, although some high-performance filters may last longer. Dirty air filters can reduce machine performance and lead to problems such as freezing.

If your air conditioner has a reusable filter, clean the filter under cold running water and let it dry completely before reinstalling it. If careful, replace the air filter as required by the manufacturer to ensure its operation.

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