How to fix the air conditioner does not cool

In the current hot weather, the air conditioner (air conditioner) has become the "salvation" of many people. However, this refrigeration device also has many disadvantages that are annoying for users such as power consumption, noise .

One of the most common problems users have is the cooling capability of the device is not as high as expected. Articles by experts Because it Yourself will guide readers how to fix air conditioners to improve the cooling capacity of the machine before spending a sum of money for refrigeration repair centers.

How to handle when air conditioner works but not cold

Step 1 - Prepare

First, remove the dust filter in front of your air conditioner. A knife and screwdriver should be prepared in case the grid is attached with screws. Before removing the device, make sure you disconnect the power, then place the device on a firm surface. If the device is too heavy, you should ask someone for help.

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Step 2 - Clean the filter

Filters of air conditioners, especially filters of window-type air conditioners, are easy to get dirty, so it needs to be cleaned regularly (every 2-3 weeks). Clean this part with a damp, soft cloth.

Step 3 - Wash dirt

Prepare a mixture of warm soapy water and bleach. Then, clean the filter and grill plate with this mixture to remove dirt. The cooling capacity of the air conditioner will be reduced in case the filter is blocked. After washing, dry these two parts before reinstalling them.

Step 4 - Vacuuming

You need to use a vacuum cleaner that attaches a brush to remove dirt to clean the cooling coil, condensing coil, impeller and other internal parts of the air conditioner. Do this work carefully and thoroughly.

Step 5 - Check for bent parts

Check the radiators to see if they are bent. If so, you need to buy a dedicated comb in the equipment center and use it to straighten the radiators. Do the same with other bent parts.

Step 6 - Reinstall the device

After completing the cleaning of the parts, reinstall the part that has been disassembled and plugged in to use the machine.

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