Experience using air conditioner to save electricity in winter

Many families want to use it to fight cold but worry about electricity. How to get warm space without "face distortion" when holding electricity bills?

The air heating principle of air conditioning is the same as the cooling principle, ie indirectly through the heat exchanger. The warm air from the air conditioner does not directly spray the user but spreads evenly in the room, heating on a large scale throughout the room, without affecting the respiratory system.

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The efficiency of conditioning at heating is about 4% greater than the cooling performance.(Illustration).

Regulating heating indirectly, the air is not burned, does not cause lack of oxygen, does not cause dry skin. The possibility of a fire incident is not. In addition, the efficiency of heating at heating is about 4% greater than the cooling capacity, one air conditioner chiller 12,000 BTU, when heating will reach 12,500 BTU but the power consumption remains constant: 1.2 /hours.

In order to save electricity, when using it in winter, please note:

  • After summer use the full speed of air conditioner, users should maintain, replace gas to be able to use the most efficient air conditioner in winter. The maintenance of air conditioning and surface of outdoor units, indoor units, filters . helps the heat exchange faster. In addition, cleaning the machine also helps to secure electricity during use.
  • While using air conditioner, the user avoids opening and closing the door repeatedly, causing heat loss.
  • Moderate temperature adjustment, the greater the temperature difference compared to the environment, the more electricity consumption. Adjust the temperature according to each person's ability to adapt. In addition, too large a temperature difference is not good for health.
  • One clever use is to adjust the temperature in the room to be not much different from the outside temperature. And about 4 hours should change the temperature in the room by opening the door to allow natural air to enter.
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