5 tips to make you happier at work early in the new year

Practice and limit competition are two tips to help every employee feel happier at work.

Mental health affects the physical and work performance. To start a more exciting and happy new year, refer to the five scientifically proven tips below, according to the Entrepreneur.

Bring personal items to work

Contrary to many people's beliefs, making a clear distinction between work and private life is not good, it only increases frustration, distrust, difficulty connecting and losing value. To improve this situation, employees should bring personal belongings to work. As a result, they will understand, sympathize, share with each other and thereby improve solidarity and work efficiency.

Limit competition

Competition, competition in the agency makes psychological jealousy, frustrating. This not only does not lead to happiness but also prevents cooperation between employees.

Ideally, do not treat colleagues as competitors. Instead, help each other and create a happy, open environment.

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Do not consider colleagues as competitors.(Photo: MAH).


At work, take deep breaths, especially before meetings, between breaks or in difficult times. This action allows you to be aware of your own psychological state and to release all anxiety and stress.

Expressed gratitude

A simple thanks also raises happiness to an unexpected extent. This simple gesture creates a sense of cohesion and deep trust in both the giver and receiver, helping the two sides to strive for the common goal.

Some bosses said that there is no need to thank employees for paying the full salary. However, no matter who you are and what position you hold, expressing your heart is still essential.

Nice behavior and respect for colleagues

Want to be happy at work, one of the simplest and most effective ways is to behave well with colleagues. A medical system study has shown that nurses are not exhausted and frustrated by work or wages but because of bad attitudes from colleagues. Thanks to improving relationships, these nurses finally feel happier.

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