8 benefits of getting up early

The 'night owl' may like to sleep but most of the life is going on in the daytime, if you do not wake up ready for the new day will miss a lot of precious opportunities.

The biggest benefit of getting up early is that everything happens in order, according to plan. Early rising means you don't have to rush, be afraid of not being on time, or be able to set yourself up for a quiet time in the office. Early rising is not easy, even for those who are used to it, it is sometimes impossible to resist the seduction of sleep. Glad to know that I opened my eyes, the world is my own even for a short period of time, until everyone wakes up.

1. Add time to yourself

When you get up early, you have more time and leeway to take a relaxing bath, neatly arrange your home, or simply review the missed show last night, listen to the morning news. There is no disturbing phone or email in the early morning, you can use that time as you like, read newspapers, watch TV channels your partner doesn't like. Many parents with young children feel the early morning is the only time of the day to sip a cup of coffee or relax before starting a new day.

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Early rising brings many practical health benefits and enhances work efficiency.(Artwork: naldzgraphics)

2. Exercise more often

The highest level of human motivation is in the morning. Many reports indicate that people are interested in exercising in the morning and will exercise more often than in the afternoon or evening. Not yet tested, but some experts believe that exercising in the morning when an empty stomach forces the body to burn more fat instead of other calories.

A previously published study by Sleep magazine found that morning practice helps people sleep better in the evening. The researchers hypothesize that morning activity helps to arrange the rhythm of the body and night more smoothly. Tests on people who postpone exercise in the morning showed that they had a harder time falling asleep in the evening than the trained group.

3. Avoid traffic jams

In some big cities, the difference between fast, slow traffic or congestion may occur in just 15 minutes. Get up early to avoid traffic jams that not only help you relax but also ensure safety. Fast, over-the-top launches just by avoiding traffic jams or simply being late for a driver can lead to aggressive, unwise behavior and increase the risk of accidents. For those traveling by public transport will see the difference between easily finding seats when walking early and crowding, cramming between countless people and trying to cling to the belt when the car accelerates.

4. Benefits of breakfast

For those who wake up late and don't have time, the first thing they do is to have breakfast. People who wake up too late often tend to skip breakfast and wait until lunch time. Countless studies have shown the positive effects of breakfast on health: Early risers have time to prepare or choose breakfast for themselves to be healthier and better weight than those who do not eat breakfast. Waking up early gives you more time to recharge your energy from breakfast instead of grabbing food, chewing hastily or even skipping meals.

5. Housework

You have time in the morning to clean your house, prepare food for the day, or do errands, so you can use the evening to relax and have fun with your family and friends. Most people want to use their evenings to watch movies or to dine with their families rather than doing housework. Completing your errands at the beginning of the day makes that wish more feasible.

6. Higher productivity

A survey of 20 CEOs in big companies like Pepsi, Motorola, Avaya, and Xerox previously found a common point between them is that all get up before 6am. They use their time to work on email, exercise, read newspapers, or do household chores. All survey respondents said that getting up early has a very important effect on their productivity.

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The common point of many CEOs at big companies is that they all get up before 6am.(Artwork: profiles)

7. Enhance intelligence

There is some evidence that the human brain works at the highest level in the morning. In a research project conducted at the University of North Texas, students reported that early risers had higher GPAs (average grade points) than those who got up late.

8. Reduce stress

When you wake up early, you will remain relaxed and relaxed throughout the day. Jobs like preparing yourself, preparing your children for school, moving to work and completing other tasks in the morning can make you extremely tired and stressed.

Reducing stress has a positive effect on health, limiting headache, high blood pressure, stomach pain, hair loss and anxiety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has estimated that the effects of stress on workers cost about $ 300 million per year. When you create yourself another time in the morning, you will no longer have to be busy, rushing every day.

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