Discover dinosaur fossils like real Loch Ness monsters

Fossils of giant dinosaurs living in the ocean were discovered by Antiquities in Antarctica.

Researchers have discovered that the 70-million-year-old fossil of a giant Elasmizard located very deep in Antarctica is unlike anything ever seen before.

Picture 1 of Discover dinosaur fossils like real Loch Ness monsters
Archaeologists have discovered the most complete dinosaur fossil skeleton.

The animal was thought to have weighed 15 tons, and is now one of the most complete ancient reptile fossils ever discovered.

This 'giant' is a frightening member of the Elasmizard reptile family and is the largest species ever found, representing some of the largest marine creatures during the Cretaceous period.

Some people believe that the actual legendary Loch Ness monster may also be a long-necked Plesiosaur like an Elasmizard, somehow surviving when all other dinosaurs were wiped out.

There are many theories to explain the incredible length of the newly discovered giant dinosaur neck, but most believe it is the best hunting tool.

'For years, it's a mystery . we don't know if it's elasmizard or not,' palaeontologist Jose O'Gorman is from Argentina's National Council for Scientific and Technical Research. know.

However, most scientists point out that the Loch Ness lake monster, if available, is only about 10,000 years old, while the Plesiosaur is extinct over 65 million years ago. And finally, there's not enough food in Loch Ness Lake to support the needs of a sea monster weighing more than 15 tons.

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