Discover the mysterious ancient wall longer than 100km in Iran

Who built this extraordinarily long wall? How to build it and what purpose does it have? Those are the questions that are puzzling archaeologists.

Archaeologists have identified the remains of a rock wall in Iran stretching about 71 miles (115km), located in Sar Pol-e Zahab in western Iran.

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The area with the red arrow in the bottom corner of the photo is the location of the Gawri Wall.

"With an estimated mass of about one million cubic meters of stone, the wall requires significant resources in terms of workforce, materials and time," said Sajjad Alibaigi, a PhD student in the department of archeology. studied at Tehran University said.

The structured old wall runs north-south from the Bamu Mountains in the north to an area near the village of Zhaw Marg in the south.

Pottery found along the wall also suggests that it could be built between the 4th century BC and the sixth century AD.

Alibaigi said: "The remnants of the related buildings are now destroyed, visible in places along the walls. These could be turrets or buildings with local materials like pebbles and rocks, with plaster plaster left over in many places. "

Although archaeologists only knew about the existence of this mysterious wall until recently, the indigenous people who lived near it knew about the wall long ago. They call it the "Gawri Wall".

At the moment, archaeologists are not sure who built this structure, and for what purpose. Due to the poor barrier storage capacity, scientists are not even sure of its exact width and height. Their best estimate is that the wall can be about 4 meters wide and about 3m high.

"It is unclear whether it was used for defensive or symbolic purposes but it could mark the border for an ancient empire, perhaps the Parthian empire (which flourished between 247 BC - 224). or Sassania. Both empires in western Iran built large castles, cities, and irrigation systems, so it is likely that both have the resources to build the Gawri Wall. ' , Alibaigi emphasized in the report.

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