Discovered a more segment of the Great Wall

Chinese archaeologists have uncovered a piece of the Great Wall lying across the Mongolian border, which has never been discovered before.

This castle is located in Bayannur district in Inner Mongolia, with a width of 2.3 m and a height of 1.15 m. Built 2,100 years ago under the Han Dynasty, this citadel is said to be one of the most ancient passages of the Great Wall - started under Qin Shihuang, in 221 BC.

According to Beijing News , this stone-built citadel was found by a group of archaeologists, led by scientists at the University of People's History.

Built and rebuilt over the centuries, the Great Wall is still 2,500 km in total length of 6,300 km, which is one of the most tourist attractions of China and a world heritage.

Picture 1 of Discovered a more segment of the Great Wall
The Great Wall near Beijing (Photo: AFP)


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