The British discovered a new part of the Great Wall

A British explorer found part of the Great Wall that had never been known before in a desert in Mongolia.

Adventurer William Lindesay and his team entered the Gobi desert last fall to find an ancient wall of nearly 1,000 years old.

However, what he found was part of the Great Wall that was last recorded in a 12th-century map at a battle of Genghis Khan.

"We found it around noon on February 20," said Lindesay.

Picture 1 of The British discovered a new part of the Great Wall
A new passage of the Great Wall was discovered.

According to him, this wall of the city is about 99km long built from mud and " saksoul" - a shrub in the region.

Lindesay also went to China in 1986 to make a 2,448km walk through the ruins of the Great Wall.

He participated in this research and conservation program and gained an honorary medal in 2006.

He conducted a search in Gobi in 1997 after obtaining a war map of Genghis Khan, which contained the image of an ancient wall.

Lindesay believes the wall was built around 120 BC to protect the area from the attacks of the Hungarians.

However, some prototypes show a section of walls built around the 11th or 12th centuries.

According to Lindesay's hypothesis, it is possible that the wall was rebuilt by the third son of Genghis Khan, Ogedei Khan.

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