Discovered the 'mind-control magic potion' from the thousand-year-old ruins in Peru

Mysterious stories of ancient Peru once spoke of the ability of kings and nobles to control the minds of warriors and subjects. It's true, and the mystery lies in the "magic beer" cups.

Picture 1 of Discovered the 'mind-control magic potion' from the thousand-year-old ruins in Peru
Archaeologists working at the site

Shocking discovery from the Quilcapampa archaeological site in Peru shows that the ancient rulers of Peru controlled those around them with only beer glasses served at parties.

According to Heritage Daily, this ancient beer is unlike modern beer in terms of recipe, brewed from the molle tree that is abundant in the area. This beer is called Chicha beer, produced in large quantities, consumed at parties. But the mysterious formula also contains an extract from a tree nut called Anadenanthera colubrina vilca.

Anadenanthera colubrina vilca contains a powerful hallucinogen and when combined with beer, it has a great effect on the nerves of the drinker, making the beer a powerful and addictive mind-dominating drug. The effects are comparable to LSD, a modern day powerful hallucinogen.

That may explain the blind submission that people under the ancient Peruvian rulers displayed.

All of this was revealed by research led by the Royal Ontario Museum, when they discovered traces of alcoholic beverages in an ancient relic.

The study, just published in Antiquity, also shows that vilca has been used in South America for 4,000 years as an ancient drug.