Duck meat is good for health but who should not eat?

According to Eastern medicine studies, duck meat is a sweet, slightly salty food, welding properties, negative effects, nutrition, emphysema, detoxification.

However, the doctors at Hanoi Heart Hospital note that not everyone who eats duck meat has health benefits.

According to health and nutrition experts, eating duck meat has a good effect in supporting the treatment of cardiovascular disease, supporting the treatment of tuberculosis and cancer (undergoing radiation therapy, chemotherapy). It is also beneficial for people with asthenia, anorexia, fever, edema, physical weakness after illness, night sweats, hot palms and feet, menstrual periods less .

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Duck meat is good for the heart.

In addition, duck meat is also good for the stomach, helping to produce new fluids and good for the nervous system.

The American Heart Association also says duck meat is good for the heart. In terms of nutritional value, duck meat has a very high nutritional value. Because in 100g duck meat has up to 25g of protein, 201 calories and the content of nutrients such as calcium, lipid, protit, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, copper, nicotic acid, vitamins B, A, E, K .

Some studies have shown that duck meat is effective against atherosclerosis. Because in the blood of poultry, especially ducks often have a lot of oleic acid and many components similar to olive oil so it can fight atherosclerosis phenomenon.

People who are physically debilitated after the disease can also fortify with duck meat. Increasing the consumption of duck meat can help overcome hypertension, tinnitus, dizziness, dizziness, dry cough, less sputum, tuberculosis, cough due to damaged vagus, blood tonic, new fluid production ) .

Keep in mind, however, that not everyone can eat duck meat well . Duck meat has a fishy taste and strong welding characteristics, so it is especially not suitable for people who have just had surgery. If the patient has had surgery, eating duck meat can cause swelling, difficulty healing, even festering of the incision.

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Duck meat is especially not suitable for people who have just had surgery.

  • According to Oriental medicine, duck meat is welding (cold) so people with poor circulation for a long time weakening other organs such as the digestive system, kidneys, immune system . should not eat a lot of duck meat otherwise want to make the body more susceptible to cold.
  • In addition, duck meat also makes people able to weld easily susceptible to muscle-bone - joint diseases.
  • People with gout should not eat meat, because duck meat has a very high protein content that can raise uric acid in the body, which is dangerous for patients.

Eastern medicine said that duck meat is cold so do not eat duck meat with tortoise meat because when shared, it will turn protein and reduce the nutritional value. Do not eat duck eggs with strawberries and plums because the plum is hot, so it can easily cause intestinal heat.

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