Eggs know 'speak'

In supermarkets in the UK, in the coming months, there will be ' revolutionary ' eggs, which can tell the cook whether the eggs are cooked or not. The eggs are printed with a special ink, initially not visible, but will become dark when the eggs are heated to a certain temperature.

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(Photo: CAND)

The picture shows up after 3 minutes if boiled in ' re ' style, after 4 minutes when boiled ' peach ' and after 7 minutes when fully boiled. Consumers can buy eggs according to their tastes: On the egg box there will be a ' soft ' label (soft), ' medium ' (medium) and ' hard ' (hard).

The place to start this project is the organization of Lion Quality Eggs, which specializes in quality control. That's the answer for thousands of people asking about how to boil eggs correctly.

Jeenly Beemont at B&H Color Change, which designed the drawing on the egg, said: " So far we are still perfecting the technology, but very happy about the prospect of solving the problem for decades. still makes many people unhappy with meals '.

Creating drawings on eggs is the latest application of thermal sensing technology, fully capable of completely transforming the scene in the kitchen. In addition, it is also possible to create gloves that are equipped with not only thermal sensors built in, but also ' speak ' to people who use things like ' check the food after 40 minutes '.

In addition, scientists are investigating the possibility of applying thermal color technology (ie color changes with temperature) on fire doors, which can change color when heated, on T-shirts to ' alert ' tells the wearer that it is overheating, and on traffic signs: signs will change color when the road surface freezes.

Nestle Rowntree is conducting experiments with thermal color graphics on a chocolate wrapper to find ways to please consumers who still get upset when the candy is melted. Drawings are printed on wrap paper. When you put the candy bar in the refrigerator, it gets cold and the cover shows signs that it can be eaten. Such materials have been tested on a number of products, such as heat signs on beer bottles or spoon safety indicators for children.


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