Egypt discovered tombs from ancient Rome

The Egyptian Antiquities Ministry said archaeologists have discovered five tombs from ancient Rome more than 2,000 years ago.

Picture 1 of Egypt discovered tombs from ancient Rome
Egypt discovered tombs from ancient Rome.(Photo: livescience).

The August 24 announcement said the tombs were discovered in the desert of Beir al-Shagala near Dakhla oasis, southwest of Cairo. These tombs were built with mud bricks and there were some graves inside. Among them is a pyramid tomb and a domed tomb .

In these ancient tombs, archaeologists also found many antiquities, including ceramic pots, clay incense bowls, small sphinxes with sandstone and ceramic pieces. On a piece of ceramic with hieroglyphs and another piece of pottery with ancient pharaoh written texts.

In recent times, many thousands of years old antiquities and tombs have been discovered and published in Egypt.