Israel discovered 1,400-year-old iron nails and hammers from Eastern Rome

On October 30, the Israel Antiquities Agency (IAA) announced the discovery of an iron hammer and 1,400-year-old iron nails, dating back to the Eastern Roman Empire, during excavations in northern Israel.

Archaeologists and volunteers involved in archaeological excavations discovered the tools at the site of the ancient Jewish city ​​of Usha during Roman and Eastern Roman Empire periods.

Picture 1 of Israel discovered 1,400-year-old iron nails and hammers from Eastern Rome
1,400 year old iron hammer discovered in Israel.(Source: Israel Antiquitie)

Earlier, archaeologists discovered many drinking glasses and raw glass fragments in this area, proving that the ancient inhabitants here once made glassware. The finding of hammers and iron nails at this site proves that they also produce iron tools.

According to the IAA , only 20 ancient hammers are currently recorded in the national antiquities database, of which only 6 were in the Eastern Roman Empire period.

During the excavation at the site, the archaeological team also found tools for extracting olives and grapes, proving that Usha residents lived mainly on the processing of these fruits.

In addition, near the fruit juicing tools, the team found two stone baths used in religious ceremonies; The steps and walls are plastered.

This finding proves that the people working here are Jews and they bathe naked in these bathtubs at the start of a new working day to create products of wine and olive oil.

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