Kill starfish with new methods to protect corals

Thanks to the effectiveness of a new method, Australia has eliminated more than 250,000 thorny starfish from the Great Barrier Reef off the state of Queensland in the past two years and also destroyed hundreds of thousands of stars. sea ​​away from other coral reefs across the country.

According to a reporter in Sydney, Australian experts are using a single injection to rule out crown prickly starfish from coral reefs within 24-48 hours, replacing the old method requiring 20 injections.

Picture 1 of Kill starfish with new methods to protect corals
250,000 crown thorns starfish have been removed from the Great Barrier Reef.(Source: AP)

This new method is also completely harmless to other marine plants and animals. Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt said that crown prickly starfish is one of the greatest risks to the Great Barrier Reef and is difficult to destroy. Over the past few decades, this species has been the culprit in narrowing the Great Barrier Reef by 42%.

With the new approach, Australia will quadruple the rate of killing prickly starfish when divers can kill an average of more than 1,000 in 40 minutes. Besides, the new method also prevents the rapid reproduction of starfish when a starfish can lay up to 60 million eggs a year.

Experts in Australia are continuing to research to speed up the process of controlling the replication of this starfish species.

Scientists Jairo Rivera of James Cook University said scientists have discovered a protein in the male starfish semen can produce eggs that neutralize the starfish eggs. If successful, this will be an effective means to prevent the reproduction of starfish.

Eliminating the crown crown starfish is the main goal in the Australian government's 2050 Coral Reef Plan. In addition, this plan sets out other goals such as improving water quality and investing in the second patrol boat (Venus 2) to protect coral reefs.

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