Strange: Starfish exploded massively in America

A mysterious disease is killing starfish, causing them to explode in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans of North America. Scientists are trying to find out the cause of this strange disease.

The disease without this explanation has caused white damage to the starfish body. After that, wounds exploded and spilled into the starfish's internal organs.

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Researchers suspect that viruses or bacteria may be the main causes of disease. They excluded some of the culprits that could cause the disease, including fungi, some parasites and some other microorganisms.

Ms. Drew Harvell - Ecologist at Cornell University (USA) said: "There is a possibility that some species will be at risk of extinction by a strange disease '.

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Harvell said the mysterious pathogens are affecting 18 different species of organisms along the entire coastline they study. The strange disease appeared last year and there was no sign of a decrease.

Scientists are still trying to find answers to the mysterious disease. They are concerned that the disease that killed these starfish may be a bad omen that affects other marine species.

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