Starfish move like humans

Scientists have announced the discovery of the crunchy sea star Ophiocoma echinata capable of "walking" on the seabed just like humans, Science Daily reported.

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Scientists say the starfish's body structure is radially symmetrical . Theoretically, it could use any combination of the 5 twisted tentacles of the body to move in whatever direction it wanted.

Picture 1 of Starfish move like humans
Crunchy sea star Ophiocoma echinata

But instead, it would appoint one of the five tentacles 'forward' and the other tentacles were pushed in the direction of the first tentacle, similar to the case of sea turtles crawling on the shore or even look at it 'walking' like humans.

Once the starfish wants to change its direction, it only needs to control the first tentacle and coordinate the remaining tentacles so that the direction is right.

This study has just been published in the Journal of Biological Experiments, marking an important discovery for the first time an animal with symmetrical symmetry knows how to move in a bilaterally symmetrical direction - two half-body develop as well as humans and other mammals.

This is amazing and remarkable for an animal that does not have a central brain such as the crunchy starfish Ophiocoma echinata , reports the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) magazine.

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