Starfish can walk at a rate of 1m / minute, and this is how they move

When seeing the starfish, many people think that they are a sedentary, docile and gentle animal. However, after watching the video that recorded a starfish walking on the sandy shore that was filmed on the outskirts of North Carolina in early October 2012 below, surely you will be surprised to see the speed of the species' movement. this thing.

We can see, starfish can move, even quite quickly and relatively well.

For example, the starfish in the sun sea, they move by moving small legs below. The total length of their legs can be up to 4,500m. A mature sunflower starfish can move at a rate of 1m per minute. However, not every starfish can move so fast, like the starfish skin can only travel at 15cm per minute.

It is also recorded that the starfish walks both above and below the water.

Starfish move by securing adhesives to adhere to the surface. Part of their legs clings to the surface with a binder, the rest stops secreting, removing and moving away.

Starfish breathe by absorbing oxygen from the water, so if you move a lot on the ground, they will not breathe.

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