Suddenly discovered starfish

Unlike normal 5-star starfish, this large star has up to 12 wings and is about the same size as a large pot.

On the afternoon of December 19, during a fishing trip with a group of friends in the coastal area of ​​Dalian, Liaoning Province, China, Mr. Liu was surprised to "encounter" with a strange starfish coming . 12 wings.

Mr. Liu said, his group often goes fishing in this coastal area of ​​Dalian. Although this place has a lot of starfish but this big and winged child like this he has never seen. At first, Mr. Liu could not determine what the creature was. It was not until he observed carefully that he could confirm that it was a mutant starfish.

Picture 1 of Suddenly discovered starfish
The big starfish with 12 big, symmetrical wings is very beautiful

It is known that this starfish is about the same size as a large pot with 12 big, long and symmetrical wings that look very beautiful.

In addition, Mr. Liu also shared that previously, Dalian coastal residents often shared that some people could get the 11-star starfish, but they all did not have the same evidence as his case.

Immediately after the sentence " starfish " star, Mr. Liu learned about methods to preserve specimens. He said, there are two ways as follows: soak in formalin solution or heat the specimen and dry it. However, up to the present time, Mr. Liu has not yet made a decision on which method to use because of fear of failure to operate, which can lead to this rare specimen.

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