Large, thin babies are more susceptible to breast cancer

Thin-bodied girls at 5 - 7 years old will be more likely to develop breast cancer when they grow up, according to a new study in Sweden.

Scientists at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, conducted research on 6,000 women, half of whom had breast cancer. They are divided into three groups according to the shape of people at the age of 7: thin, medium and bold. Young photos and their memories are used as a basis for evaluation.

The results show that most patients have skinny bodies when they are young, and those who are not sick have quite rounded bodies. The cause is still unanswered but this finding has an important role in diagnosing the risk of disease.

Picture 1 of Large, thin babies are more susceptible to breast cancer

When a baby is thin, growing up, it is easy to get breast cancer.Photo: mailonline

Jingmei, the lead researcher, said: 'Information about small body size will be useful for predicting a girl's risk of breast cancer in adulthood. This is unexpected '. Previous research has also shown that obese women also tend to be susceptible to breast cancer, with a risk of up to 50%.

Breast cancer is the most common disease in women. One in 9 women has it. Each year an additional 46,000 new cases are discovered.

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