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This is a frightening disease that caused the deaths of more than 75 million people in the fourteenth century.

British rail engineers discovered 25 human skeletons during the Middle Ages when carrying out the Crossrail, London railway project. After analyzing the teeth of the remains, scientists believe that the cause of the "Black Death" epidemic claimed the lives of tens of millions of people, not because many people mistook it.

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'Black death' is beautiful from giving away the plague , which originated in China, which also broke out in the early 1330s.

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The mice that followed the merchant ship carrying the disease to the Sicily harbor and flared across the old continent, covered a 'gloomy curtain' on Europe's 'Middle Ages' night . The 'black death' pandemic took place over 13 years, from 1338 to 1351. It was said about its destruction that, 'for 13 consecutive years, the epidemic prevailed across Europe as a prince. , take away the lives of 75 million innocent people '.

However, DNA analysis of this remains, experts say, the disease could be spread in a simpler way - through the respiratory tract. Analyzing the DNA of this skeleton, the researcher found a positive sample of Yersinia pestis - a deadly bacterium that caused plague and pneumonic plague.

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Once the patient has been infected with the bacteria, it is estimated that they can only survive for about 60 days, if the illness can die within 10 days.

Dr Tim Brooks, an infectious disease specialist in the UK, said: "The plague is unlikely to spread so quickly in such a large number. In some people, I think this bacteria will invade. From their lungs, they cause pneumonia, from here they will grow and spread like a pneumonic plague. "

Don Walker, an expert at London Archaeological Museum, said: "Pneumonia is also one of the reasons why the number of deaths in this epidemic is soaring."

Scientists are still studying more of these skeletons to find out the true cause of the deaths of 75 million people in the fourteenth century.

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