Mysterious flames appear in the park in Spain

A mysterious fire has been recorded via cameras of people at a public park in Spain that is controversial. The concern is that the fire does not burn the plants below the ground.

According to the images in the video, the lines of fire are seen burning the ground of Parque del Cidacos park in Calahorra, in the La Rioja region of Spain. In the video, it seems the park is being destroyed by a small fire. However, the fire somehow caught up to the plants and grass it touched.

Picture 1 of Mysterious flames appear in the park in Spain
Image bizarre fire spread in Parque del Cidacos park, Spain.

The man, Juan Carlos Gil Lopez, shared a video on the internet saying it was the first time he had seen this bizarre fire in the park. He thought that the white material on the ground was just dust until the fire caught its small area and quickly started to spread a thin line of fire very quickly.

"I went out for a walk in the park with my eight-year-old daughter Cayetana. Before the ghostly fire appeared, we felt like there was dust in the park ," said Juan Carlos Gil Lopez.

After seeing the fire, Lopez immediately called the fire department and the man was surprised to find that the mysterious fire did not ignite from trees to grass when the fire swept through.


"The grass is not burnt, it's great to see it green again," added Juan Carlos Gil Lopez.

A number of local La Rioja news channels have provided an explanation for the cause of the strange fire related to the seeds of poplar trees . These particles are highly flammable.

Dr. Matthew Brookhouse, a plant expert at the Australian National University, explained that the undercoat consists of small filaments that surround the seeds of poplar trees. These hairs help spread seeds. By catching the breeze allows the seed to be carried away.

Some comments mention that someone deliberately burned poplar seeds in the park mentioned above to remove fluff. However, Mayor Calahorra Elisa Garrido explained that this information is incorrect.

"In the Cidacos de Calahorra park, there is no deliberate burning of fluff at all. Every spring, people may be careless to cause these fires. They are very dangerous and spread quickly , " Mayor Calahorra Elisa Garrido emphasized.

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