Self-driving cars will erase the concept of traffic jams, traffic jams

When self-driving cars appear more common, traffic jams and fatal traffic accidents will only be a thing of the past.

Self-driving cars appear to help eliminate traffic jams and traffic jams

Rush hour traffic is no longer a concern for everyone, office workers can completely click on a cup of coffee, eat breakfast or check email while the car will take them to work.

Picture 1 of Self-driving cars will erase the concept of traffic jams, traffic jams
In the future, self-driving cars will become a walking room, not just a means.

Google is working on developing self-driving cars and every year their technology grows to new heights. Sergey Brin thinks that their self-driving cars will be "down the street" in the next five years. Car manufacturers around the world are also investing millions of dollars in self-driving technology, driving assistance to reduce traffic accidents. The prospect of future traffic with all self-driving cars is not too far away.

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You can think of the prospect of no one owning a car. Self-driving cars on the road belong to the state or corporations. When you need to move, you just need to unplug your smartphone or open the smartwatch to access the app, set the car and wait for the cars to drive to pick up. The cost of the trip can be paid via card or deducted from the tax you pay to the state.

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The prototype of Google's self-driving car.

The fact that no individual owns a vehicle helps to reduce the traffic flow on the street, reducing fuel consumption. Reducing traffic flow means that there is no traffic congestion.

What about traffic accidents? Self-driving cars are equipped with many high technology capable of communicating with each other and with infrastructure such as traffic signal lights or city traffic control systems. From there, they get the information they need to be able to handle events quickly, without being surprised.

For example, the car in front will share the route for the cars behind so that the cars behind plan to react when the car ahead is about to turn. There will be no accidents like the car behind the car crashing into the front because of not paying attention to the turn signal of the vehicle ahead.

Picture 3 of Self-driving cars will erase the concept of traffic jams, traffic jams
Prototype of self-driving cars of Mercedes.

Of course, self-driving cars also erase accidents caused by tired, crushed or intentionally crashed drivers. Moreover, horrific accidents caused by large cars like trucks and passenger cars will not appear.

According to calculations by scientists, if the US currently has 10% of cars as self-driving cars will save 37 billion USD per year, fewer deaths, more fuel savings and more free time. If the number of self-driving cars reaches 90%, the amount of US savings can increase to $ 447 billion. Try to figure out how much this number will increase if 90% of cars worldwide are self-driving cars.

The obstacles that cars drive themselves face

There are still many obstacles that self-driving cars must overcome. First, the price of self-driving cars is still high. It is estimated that the first series of self-driving cars will go up to the price of $ 100,000 (equivalent to 2.2 billion) 5 times more than an average car. Even, you might be surprised to know that the 3D sensor on Google's self-driving car is worth up to 70,000 USD (approximately 1.57 billion VND). The price will decrease over time but it is unclear what the specific reduction will be.

Picture 4 of Self-driving cars will erase the concept of traffic jams, traffic jams

While Google has achieved great achievements in technology, its self-driving cars and self-driving cars have been tested on 700km of public roads but they have never been tested in urban environments.

It is possible that self-driving technology will appear gradually, gradually replacing people. Car manufacturers have now added features such as cruise control or a warning system when the car deflects from the lane. The amount of driver assistance technology will increase gradually until they completely replace driving.

Despite many obstacles, self-driving cars have a lot of potential in the future. When there is no obstacle, self-driving cars help to help mankind many important problems such as traffic congestion, fuel economy and traffic accidents.

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