Having a mental problem because of traffic jams

Being stuck in traffic too many times is not only frustrating but also can cause serious mental disorders.

Irritable conditions like everyday traffic jams can build up over time and cause us to experience many mental problems later in life.

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Change the way you face stressful traffic jams
Can avoid future psychological disorders - (Artwork)

The conclusion was made after scientists at the University of California, Irvine (USA) analyzed two research data on middle-aged development and the daily experience of people aged 25 to 74 in USA, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

Researchers found negative reactions to daily face-to-face situations such as arguing with someone, waiting in line and having to sit long due to traffic jams that could lead to anxiety and turmoil. 10 years later.

Psychologist Professor Susan Charles - who led the new study - emphasized: 'The way we control emotions every day has an impact on mental health. We are too focused on long-term goals so we don't see the importance of adjusting our emotions. Changing the way you face stress and thinking about situations that are frustrating is equally important than maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. '

Ms. Charles advised: 'It is important not to let everyday problems destroy your brief moments. After all, many brief moments form a day and many days form the year '.

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