Anti-traffic jams with alarm panel

The solution to bring traffic information to FPT Corporation's electronic billboard system has been tested in Ho Chi Minh City.

Variable Message Signs (VMS) has been applied to many developed countries in the world such as the US, Europe, Japan, Korea to reduce traffic jams during rush hours or schools. Concomitant levels such as in distress and fire. Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are also applying this technology. Thailand alone currently uses more than 40 tables in Bangkok.

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport, FPT High Technology Solutions (FTS) Ltd. and Traffic VOV Channel (Voice of Vietnam) organized the signing of the pilot pilot program. Issuing and putting traffic information on electronic signage system in Ho Chi Minh City.

'This will be the effective direction of the city transport industry. After organizing the experiment, many people called and sent letters with very positive feedback , 'said Dau An Phuc, Head of the Management - Transport Infrastructure Exploitation Department, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport. Minh, affirmed.

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Many developed countries in the world have used the Table
Optical newspaper to regulate traffic. (Photo:

The explosion of personal vehicles is now a huge challenge for traffic jams. With about 6 million motorbikes and over 500,000 cars in circulation in Ho Chi Minh City, the density of vehicles on the road is always high.

A study by the Department of Transportation Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, conducted in 2009 shows that every year, traffic congestion in Ho Chi Minh City causes socio-economic losses of about 14,000. VND billion (in 2007, Ho Chi Minh City has a total of less than 3.5 million vehicles).

'The advantages of the project are the maximum exploitation of the existing infrastructure, although there is no system of vehicle measurement equipment. FTS technology has successfully connected between the information provider, the operator and the monitoring system of the current newspaper system , 'said Pham Thanh Lam, project manager.

This is the first time in Vietnam that information on real-time traffic situation is provided immediately to the electronic signage system for traffic participants, especially motorbike drivers, to catch up. Time to avoid crossing areas with high traffic density or congestion. This is also a premise for deploying the "smart traffic" system of Ho Chi Minh City in the coming time.

'An agency in the United States has conducted tests and the results show that information on the Optical Report affects more than 90% of traffic participants in making a decision to choose a route' , Mr. Lam revealed.

Textual information is continuously updated by VOV and FTS's system will process, encrypt automatically localize, select the table to display the content. These contents are updated in accordance with the pre-approved library template. The information is then transferred to the watchdog for online approval before the system automatically updates to the notice boards.

FTS representative said that the source of VOV and VOH (Voice of Ho Chi Minh City People) only served 200,000 cars in traffic on the city's routes, while if deployed Widely, the billboard will meet the needs of about 6 million vehicles (both cars and motorcycles).

'In the future, the system will connect to other sources and systems such as cameras and sensors to quantify the level of traffic status thereby providing more information about average speed and vehicle density on the road. . as well as information at many locations in the city such as bus stations, commercial centers and on mobile devices for people to easily access information, " Mr. Lam expected.

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